Top Algerian Resturants You Want to Try


Algeria is an Arabic nation in the northern half of Africa. Lately, popular culture has become fascinated with Algerian food, and Algerian restaurants that have not only Algerian food, but the Algerian theme/look as well. Here is a list of the top Algerian restaurants you will want to try should you get the chance:

  • Queen Pita in Toronto, Canada is a family owned restaurant with fantastic reviews about its falafel and its pitas. The chef used to cook for Saudi royalty.
  • The Sultan’s Tent and Café Moroc also in Toronto is an intimate middle eastern experience, with plush divans and belly dancing entertainment.

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  • The King Shwarama is another Toronto restaurant with bragging rights as the best Shwarama in town.
  • The Jerusalem Restaurant is located in York, Ontario and has patio seating with fantastic breads and yogurt for hot days, and wonderfully authentic Meza plates with falafel and humus.
  • The Pomegranate Chai is a Toronto restaurant that boasts of an authentic decor with fantastical middle eastern Arabic colors and divans for its patrons.
  • Ali Baba’s restaurant is also in Toronto and is a low-key family owned restaurant that has great music and offers a bar and take out.

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Whatever restaurant you choose, and whatever type of Algerian food you do choose, the people are friendly and the food is great!